About Manitoba HPC

The use of High Performance Computing (HPC) in modeling complex physical phenomena such as weather, fluid dynamics, molecular interactions, astronomical calculations and engineering design is well known to researchers and technology leaders in those fields.

HPC is being used by industry to improve products, reduce production costs and decrease the time it takes to develop new products by virtue of developing a virtual product and reducing the number of physical designs that follow.

The Organizing Committee for this networking workshop is committed to the deployment of HPC in Manitoba. For these developments to take place a combination of technology implementation and student/client training needs to be developed.

A one day workshop and networking event will be held on each year in June to present ideas across a broad spectrum of interests. Keynote speakers and other presenters at this workshop will focus their commentaries on current capabilities and their future interests in training students as well as related industry development for Manitoba.

Our intention for this workshop is to introduce more people to the possibilities of using HPC in their enterprise, by providing a cross section of examples and methods on how this technology can be used in their field of application.