This was the inaugural conference from the organizing committee for Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing. The conference was held at the University of Winnipeg, on June 21, 2018.

Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing

The purpose of this conference was to demonstrate the emergence of HPC Computing using GPU technologies. Our Manitoba Training and Research Consortium for HPC (MTRC-HPC) is committed to the development of high-performance computing and parallel processing in Manitoba. For these developments to take place a combination of technology implementation and student/client training needs to be advanced and promoted.

We are pleased to bring you this conference with the hope that it will inspire others to join in to promote the development and deployment of HPC technology in Manitoba.

We would like to thank our guests and sponsors for making this event so successful. Our sponsors for this event were: UW, U of M, RRC, Ade and Company,  IEEE, ICTAM and EnviroTREC.

The visitation rate at HPC 2018 was 120 people in attendance! This is quite notable for hosting the first conference of its type in Manitoba .

Conference day was quite a full day with 21 presenters, including 6 student presentations.

Our presenters came from arclabs, Boeing, IBM, IEEE IISD, MicroTraffic, Red River College, Sightline, Skip the Dishes, Tangent Animation, Ubisoft, University of Wisconsin, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, WestCaRD and, WestGRID. Thank you for your work and support.

This conference was organized by the following professors and professionals, who also served as Conference Co-Chairs:

Christopher Henry, U of Winnipeg
Chris Bidinosti, U of Winnipeg
Parimala Thulasiraman, U of Manitoba
Sherif Sherif, U of Manitoba
Haider Al-Saidi, Red River College
Ian Jeffrey, U of Manitoba
Blake Podaima, Virtuistix
Alfonz Koncan, EnviroTREC