We would like to thank our guests and sponsors for making the Digital Agriculture – 2019 High-Performance Computing Conference so successful. There is nothing more gratifying than to hear from a sponsor at the end of a conference that they are very interested in supporting our project in a bigger way in the coming year.  Our sponsors for this event were: UW, U of M, RRC, Ade and Company, EMILY, IEEE and EnviroTREC We appreciate our sponsors as they help mobilize this event.  For instance, registrations for students were largely supported by these sponsors.

The conference began with an evening presentation from NVIDIA. This is a very exciting and creative company that has mobilized the GPU architecture so that it has completely overrun the CPU with its capabilities! In the place of a handful of CPUs the user can now draw upon a thousand or even more GPUs by using parallelized code through appropriate software languages such as Python, CUDA or even C++ (and others!)

Our visitation rate at HPC 2019 was even more than last year with almost 150 people in attendance! We had a total of 16 presenters at this 1½ day conference.  Our presenters came from Ag and Agri-Food Canada, Decision Works, Enns Brothers, FarmersEdge, JCA Electronics, Northstar Robotics, Red River College, Sightline Innovation, Nvidia, University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan, University of Winnipeg and WestGRID

The poster session was also exciting with 5 posters from students representing all three of our three key academic partners. Three cash prizes were awarded to our poster presenters.